Air Duct Cleaning

“Clean Air in your Office is our Concern”

Typical duct systems provide a breeding ground for mold, bacteria and fungus related to allergies, respiratory stress, and illness. Air conditioning systems that are not inspected leak harmful elements into our business environments. Without regular maintenance and cleaning, air conditioning ducts deteriorate and can cause major health issues for occupants of the building. Additionally, damaged and unmaintained air handling systems can use 50% more fuel and energy than necessary.

Our cleaning and restoration services are among the most advanced in the world. The Micro Inspector Robot combines advanced agitation and airless sprayer attachments with illuminated video feedback to allow simultaneous system performance and work documentation. This method is effective with galvanized, duct-board or internal fiberglass insulated ducts.

We Can:

  • Inspect ducts and provide a visual report along with recommendations of the current condition of the inner duct lining
  • Clean and sanitize any type of duct using the most state of the art robotic technology
  • Large Hepa compliant air scrubber negative air machines ensure capturing of all particles
  • Encapsulation and Sealing of Fibreglass & Galvanize Ducts – offering a SEVEN YEAR Guarantee
  • Conclusive video footage of the entire process for the customer

Sanding and Polishing of Wood Floors

Your old worn, scratched, chipped wood floors can be restored to their original beauty by our specialized team of wood floor experts.

floor cleaning

We Will:

  • Sand
  • Countersink nails
  • Fill gaps, holes and spaces
  • Stain if required
  • Varnish / Polish

Grinding & Polishing Marble, Terrazzo and Granite

At Sani Services we use only the best in Diamond Abrasives and the finest Chemical Compounds to ensure that you floors or countertops are restored to their natural beauty.

marble polishing

We Can:

  • Grind
  • Remove lippage if required
  • Polish with the finest diamonds to the required shine
  • Seal/impregnate to enhance resistance to staining
  • Crystallize

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